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What We Do:
We are proud to offer a wide-range of 1 on 1 instruction tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer private and group classes. Our personal trainers are highly skilled and patient. All fitness levels are welcomed and challenged. We offer corporate memberships and group discounts.

Some of what we offer:

  • Catastrophe Core : A challenging introduction to core and abs. Those experienced with working core also benefit as this program highlights often overlooked aspects of developing upper abs, lower abs, obliques and lower back based on physiological principles. This class is great, even if you think you can't do sit-ups!
  • Weight Loss/Gain Management : The biggest hurdle we face in weight management is nutrition. All of our programs include nutrition guidance. There are certain foods that will aid in higher metabolism for increased fat burning. Knowing what to eat and when to eat will ensure you getting to your goals.
  • Sports Conditioning : Combine cardio and strength training for a complete balanced approach to getting into shape and staying fit. Cross training uses specialized equipment to achieve greater speeds, higher vertical adaptation, power with endurance and balance. Sports conditioning builds smart muscle. We all know that in sports 1/2 of a second or 1/2 of an inch changes the game and separates the pros. Includes weights, bikes, step, balls, and bands, body weight and more.
  • Strength Training : Get stronger today. Building lean muscle will allow the body to burn more fat naturally. Having lean muscle also gives you the physique you want. Having lean strong muscle protects the bones, ligaments and joints. Less back pain, knee pain and making things easier to handle.
  • TRX Suspension training body-weight exercises which develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Delivers a fast, effective, total-body workout. TRX helps build a rock-solid core and increases muscular endurance. TRX benefits people of all fitness levels, from athletes to seniors.

  • KickRobix™ : Increase your endurance, strength, stability, speed, flexibility,  accuracy and so much more with a fun filled cardio intensive hour of punching and kicking! Yes, full contact cardio.

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