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Can't quite get to your goals, missing that secret ingredient?
Look no further. Hello. My name is Julius Jones, your new personal trainer! I have been training for more than 8 years and have changed a lot of bodies by dropping pounds, building lean muscle and creating healthier eating habits.

Let's face it, being slim and trim is what we all want and I'm here to get you there!


When people make the decision to work out often times they have no concrete plan. Most of us want flat abs and to live longer healthier lives. I will show you how to get there and stay there! Getting flat abs isn't that hard when you have a plan. I will write that program for you….every rep every set every exercise. The body needs new exercises in order to make change and I have a ton of core work that will ensure your inches melt away. I keep my workouts fun, inventive and intense.
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